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Shiksha Nidhi


The gender disparity in education is well documented around the world, and nowhere is this divide more apparent than undeveloped and underprivileged rural communities in India.

Shiksha Nidhi Education for Girls was created to provide these girls with the academic opportunities they need to grow, develop, and thrive within their communities. By providing access to higher-level education, we encourage the development of bright young minds that have historically lacked access to educational opportunities due to poverty, family obligations, and long-held social belief systems that have hindered their ability to learn in a traditional academic setting.

When given the necessary financial and social support, these girls can gain the essential knowledge and confidence to become the next generation of leaders.

Our Vision .

Our vision is to uplift India's rural areas by educating underprivileged girls, fostering societal equality regardless of background. We aim to generate lasting change, strengthening communities and the nation through generations of empowered, educated women

Where We Work.

We want to raise awareness for the challenges of global educational disparity, making education for underprivileged girls a priority, not an afterthought.

Our efforts will begin in the small town of Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh (UP), located on the banks of the Ganges River, known as one of the poorest districts in the UP. Without assistance from national or international NGOs, it’s extremely difficult for a rural area such as Ghazipur to experience lasting socioeconomic change. Shiksha Nidhi will advance our mission to ensure every young girl is seen, heard, valued, and given the educational opportunity to succeed. As we spread awareness and recognition of our program, eventually we will expand our initiatives throughout India, while building thriving communities filled with strong, powerful, educated women.

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