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Aparna Subramanian is the Director of Operation for Shiksha Nidhi, a nonprofit foundation to support and empower underserved girls including to provide scholarships and mentorship to reach their highest potential. Born in New Delhi, Aparna attended elementary and high school in India and moved to United States to pursue further education. 


Aparna was brought up in a household with strong values and importance to female education; after graduating from high school, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree from KU in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Management from George Washington University. She has been working for 17+ years in various fields from engineering to support $500M+ capital projects to brand marketing and R&D including product development.


During her collegiate career she gained invaluable experience and looking forward to impart this knowledge to the youth i.e. our future leaders. Need for women’s education is ever more critical to compete in all levels of education, acquiring the knowledge and skills to stand in equal par in the labor market; gain socio emotional and life skills necessary to navigate and adapt to a changing world and contribute to their communities and to the world. Shiksha Nidhi’s mission thrives to achieve this goal especially to serve the underprivileged and thus really excited to be part of the initiative.


Aparna Subramanian 

Director of Operations

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