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My name is Santosh Yadav, and I am the Founder and President of Shiksha Nidhi Education for Girls. I am a Biopharmaceutical Scientist in the U.S., and I take pleasure in what I do each day, from work to travel to cooking, and everything in between. Before coming to the University of Cincinnati (USA) for my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, I was pursuing my MS (Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology) from IIT in Delhi, India.


I was born and raised in the small rural district of Ghazipur, UP, India. Ghazipur is one of the poorest districts in UP, and to this day, remains mostly untouched by any national or international NGOs (Non-Governmental organizations). My mission for establishing this organization is tied to the challenges that I faced while growing up in Ghazipur, UP, just as many other girls are still facing in their everyday lives, from harsh socioeconomic conditions to lack of educational awareness. I see myself in these young girls, as a reflection of the struggles I endured which brought me to where I am today. By creating Shiksha Nidhi, I hope to give young girls like myself the opportunity to overcome gender educational disparity, while showing them that their skills and abilities should never be underestimated.


My vision is to establish Shiksha Nidhi Education for Girls non-profit organization in the U.S., to advance our mission to provide affordable, high-quality education to young girls from underprivileged communities in rural India.


Join us as we strive to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

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Santosh Yadav

Founder and President

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