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Who We Are

Shiksha Nidhi is initiating a Youth Volunteer program. We are striving to instill a love of volunteering in our future generations. This Youth Volunteer program is designed for a variety of opportunities for young kids who are making a difference in the society. This program will bring inspiring ideas through young minds that will motivate the rest of us for building a better future for underprivileged girls. This creates opportunities in following areas:

  1. Build a better community as a young leader

  2. Improve educational opportunities for everyone

  3. Acquire necessary skills to be successful in future such as time and resource management, decision making, and communication skills

Arihan Maitra

Youth Volunteer

Arihan Maitra is from Southern California, and he is a sophomore at San Juan Hills High School. Arihan swims competitively and play the piano in his free time. Arihan is joining Shiksha Nidhi for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, education is a fundamental human right, and every person deserves the opportunity to learn and grow to their full potential. Second, education can be a transformative force for individuals and societies. Investing in the education of women and girls has been shown to have a multiplier effect, as educated women are more likely to invest in the education of their own children and contribute to the overall development of their communities. Overall, helping girls educate in underprevileged is a noble and important cause that can have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts on the communities.

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