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Your donation goes directly to support tuition costs and transportation for girls in middle school and high school, giving them access to the education that many of us take for granted every day.


 Most of these underprivileged girls are only living 3 – 5 miles from their school, but without access to public or private transportation, a quality education will remain out of reach.

Join Shiksha Nidhi's mission to spotlight and tackle the educational barriers for girls in rural India. Your awareness ignites change, helping us create a world where every girl receives the opportunity to flourish through education



Shiksha Nidhi's scholarships opens doors to opportunities, offering underprivileged girls in rural India opportunity to break barriers, pursue education, and be a pillar in their community. 


Shiksha Nidhi's mentorship program connects girls in rural India with inspiring role models, fostering confidence, nurturing potential, and charting new horizons. Together, we're more than mentors; we're architects of a brighter, boundless future for every girl we support

Your Donations Support These Programs

With donations from our valued community of supporters, we can provide financial assistance that covers one year of tuition expenses, along with a bicycle to ensure safe and reliable transportation to and from school each day.


Make an impact!

Empower underprivileged girls in rural India to become the educated pillars of their communities 

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