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Board Members.

Our team is now located in the US, but our hearts belong to the rural communities in Uttar Pradesh, India, where we grew up and studied before coming to pursue our dreams in America. Because we grew up immersed in an area that was surrounded by poverty, we understand firsthand the challenges that exist for young girls who yearn to receive a proper education


Santosh Yadav

Founder and President

Santosh was born and raised in a small district, Ghazipur, UP, India.  Her mission for establishing this organization ties well with the challenges she faced while growing up like many other girls, from socio-economic conditions to a lack of awareness about education. Primary and secondary education is the foundation for building our youth's future and must be prioritized in any society.

Being a Scientist, Santosh enjoys what she does daily and is passionate about everything from travel to cooking and anything in between. 


Amit Katiyar


Amit is passionate about serving the community and the people in need, giving him the purpose of life. He wants to continue to serve the community by joining hands with Shiksha Nidhi to create resources and opportunities for helping underprivileged girls. Amit hopes for a day when all the girls can find their way to school and later to college to raise a better family, build a better nation, and create a world with a better future.

Please join us in making the journey of Shiksha Nidhi successful. Your support will help the girls to dream the next step in their lives.


Aparna Subramanian

Director of Operations


Aparna was raised in a household with strong values and importance to female education. As an engineer, she is very passionate about mentoring in STEM and engineering fields that can pave the way for bright future.


The need for women’s education is ever more critical to compete in all levels i.e. acquire the knowledge and skills to stand on equal par in the labor market; gain socio-emotional and life skills necessary to navigate and contribute to their communities and the world. This opportunity is limited and some cases not obtainable to underprivileged. Thus, raising awareness and enabling right to education for younger generation is an absolute need. 


Abhimaneu Pandey


Abhimaneu Pandey serves as the Secretary for Shiksha Nidhi. Hailing from Bangalore, India, he is furthering his medical education in the United States. His journey with Shiksha Nidhi began during his junior year in college, sparked by his awareness of educational and opportunity disparities in India. Driven to make a meaningful impact, Abhimaneu is committed to empowering girls who lack the same opportunities he has been fortunate to receive. He aims not only to contribute positively himself but also to inspire others to join in this vital cause!


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