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Shiksha Nidhi 

Empower Girls Through Education in Rural India

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Our Mission

At Shiksha Nidhi Education for Girls, we believe that every girl deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

Join us in breaking down the barriers to education for underprivileged girls in rural India.

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About Shiksha Nidhi 

We are committed to bridging the educational gap for underprivileged girls in rural India. We aim to provide these girls with the academic opportunities they need to become the next generation of leaders.


Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the education of underprivileged girls from an afterthought to a global imperative, starting in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, and eventually expanding across India.

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Your donation can change a life. Support us in providing scholarships, educational materials, and skill development programs!

Our Programs

Learn more about our current programs.


Join our team of dedicated volunteers to make a difference. 

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